Research in Higher Education Practices Series

The booklet series on Research in Higher Education Practices is a peer reviewed and open-access series with editors form the Centre for Education Policy Research (CFU), the Department of Culture & Learning at Aalborg University. The mission is to produce timely booklets focusing on research topics in higher education that are of national as well as international importance. The research synthesis intends to be a catalyst and inspiration for the systemic improvement and sustainable development in higher education.


To ensure academic rigour and pedagogical usefulness, each booklet in this series has been reviewed first by the member of the Higher Education Research Unit to provide feedback before being sent for external blind review.


We are aware that suggestions or guidelines for practice need to be responsive to specific educational settings and contexts. The booklet is therefore presented in a way that readers can consider the suggestions for their own practices and find suggestions for further reading and investigations.


Lone Krogh, Tatiana Chemi & Antonia Scholkmann,
Department of Culture & Learning, Series Editors


Series editorial

Lone Krogh, Associate Professor, AAU

Tatiana Chemi, Associate Professor, AAU

Antonia Scholkmann, Associate Professor, AAU


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