Reader - Tectonics in Architecture

Authors: Isak Worre Foged & Marie Frier Hvejsel (Ed.)
Pages: 193
Released: 2018
Edition: 1. edition
ISBN: 978-87-7112-671-6

“Marco Frascari (1922-2003): The choice to begin this anthology on ‘tectonics in architecture’ with the work of Karl Bötticher falls natural as his reintroduction of the Greek term in ‘Tektonik Der Hellenen’ conducted in 1844-52 frames the raison d’etre of the term“

“Simultaneously, it positions the term tectonics in relation to the rise of the industrial revolution hereby setting precedence for a modern interpretation and application of tectonic theory as a method of architectural research”

“Bötticher was a German archeologist specialized in architecture who took part in the ongoing debate about how to interpret the implications of the shocking findings of color traces on the Greek monuments that “

The motivation for this reader in architecture was initiated by the observation of a declined terminological base among students, and therefore, a reduced ability to communicate, explore and elaborate ideas, narratives, sketches, models et cetera through language. Words such as ‘nice’, ‘super’ and ‘bad’ had to often become the jargon of review sessions and exams, providing the receiver bad odds to decipher the intention and almost no possibility to engage into a conversation with the aim to collectively advance the work of the student. For this reason the reader was originally intended as a collection of texts, which were to span the broad field of architecture. In the mapping of texts suited for the collection, it became clear that if to sharpen the language used, a more specific trajectory in architecture would be beneficial. As both editors have tectonics in architecture as part of their primary field of interest, it was not difficult to narrow the scope of the publication to a reader on tectonics in architecture.

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Reader - Tectonics in Architecture
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