First Things in Logic

Author: By A.N. Prior (1914-69)
Antal sider: 40
Udgivelsesår: 2014
Version: 1. udgave
ISBN: 978-87-7112-149-0

A.N. Prior wrote First Things in Logic for his children, Martin and Ann. The piece illustrates his general approach to logic in a very nice manner. In Prior’s thought, logic is not only an abstract and formal enterprise, but it is also a practical tool which makes it easier for us to understand and deal with important problems in real life. Prior’s booklet contains 8 brief chapters including several entertaining illustrations (drawings). A strong emphasis on the practical use of logic runs through the text. This orientation is obtained through referring to everyday reasoning, and also by using person names well known to the primary audience, Ann and Martin – not only their own names, but also Jon Bennett, A.N. Prior, Juliet, and the frog Jeremy Fisher from Beatrix Potter’s children’s book. Furthermore, the everyday life orientation is achieved by bringing in some straightforward examples from everyday reasoning.

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First Things in Logic