Student Development Dialogue SSD

Authors: Lone Krogh and Annie Aarup Jensen
Pages: 41
Released: 2017
Edition: 1. edition, OA
ISBN: 978-87-7112-672-3
ISSN: 2446-1881

The booklet presents a pedagogical method to support students in reflecting on important aspects related to the study processes they are going through, in order for them to become more aware of challenges they have to face during these processes. The method aims to empower students to find ways to overcome their challenges and to support them in completing their education. The Student Development Dialogue (SDD) represents a holistic perspective on the student, that allows individual students to integrate their past (life, work and educational experiences) and connect it with the present as far as their interests and the formal educational goals are concerned, and thence with the future, regarding their wishes for their personal academic career. 

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This book is a part of the series Higher Education Practices Series


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Student Development Dialogue SSD