Community and Collective Learning

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Authors: Allan Owens, Anne Pässilä, Nick Ponsillo, Monica Biagioli, 
Charlotte Cunningham, Federica De Molli, Chiara Paolino
Pages: 62
Released: 2022
Edition: 1. edition, OA
ISSN: 2597-0119
ISBN: 978-87-7210-770-7

Series Preface
The collection of four booklets ‘The Pedagogy of the Moment: Building Artistic Time-Spaces for Critical-Creative Learning in Higher Education’ is part of the Artist-Led Learning in Higher Education project, led by Aalborg University and funded by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships. Our intention with the series is to produce a timely synthesis and creative rethinking of research on higher education topics of national and international relevance.

This book series provides knowledge, inspiration and hands-on tools on research in higher education, with a special interest in problem-based learning (PBL) approaches. We discuss, investigate and provide argumentative analysis for the ways in which specific approaches to higher education are relevant and how educators can use them in their contexts. We appreciate original, relevant and resonant research based on sound theory and on meaningful, creative, transformative practices. We encourage our authors to formulate recommendations with concrete examples of how to practice them in different contexts in higher education, and to critically address the ways in which specific practices are or become relevant to higher educational contexts. 

Lone Krogh, Antonia Scholkmann & Tatiana Chemi, Series editors


Thread 1: Affects, Transformations and the Artists’ Voices Digging emergency holes near the gate: A zine about our practice Alison Laurie Neilson & Andrea Inocêncio, Portugal Gothic pedagogy Glenn-Egil Torgersen, Herner Saeverot & Kristian Firing, Norway

Thread 2: The Artist - Educator Alliance Artist-led learning in embodied writing workshops Tatiana Chemi & Pierangelo Pompa, Denmark Arts-based methods  at The Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy: A journey of stress, growth and love Kristian Firing, Glenn-Egil Torgersen & Herner Saeverot, Norway 

Thread 3: Community and Collective Learning Towards transprofessionalism: Artists in higher education Allan Owens, UK, Anne Pässilä, Finland, Nick Ponsillo, Monica Biagioli & Charlotte Cunningham UK Meaning making through artistic interventions: An aesthetic approach Federica De Molli & Chiara Paolino, Italy

Thread 4: Performance and Performativity From simulation to dissimulation Addressing the dark side of marketing through art and fiction Catherine Morel & Philippe Mairesse, France Performative inquiry: To enhance language learning Rannveig Björk Thorkelsdóttir & Jóna Guðrún Jónsdóttir, Iceland


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This book is part of the series Research in Higher Education Practices Series.



This book is part 3 out of 4 of The Pedagogy of the Moment: Building Artistic Time-Spaces for Critical-Creative Learning in Higher Education.




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Community and Collective Learning