Sketching with animation

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Forfatter: Peter Vistisen
Antal sider: 211
Udgivelsesår: 2016
Version: 1. udgave, Open Access udgivelse
ISBN: 978-87-7112-609-9
ISSN: 2245-3180 (nr. 4 i serien e-bøger fra InDiMedia)


This book offers a contribution to the theory, method and techniques involved in the use of animation as a tool for temporal design sketching. Lifted from its traditional role as a genre of entertainment and art and reframed in the design domain, animation offers support during the early phases of exploring and assessing the potential of new and emerging digital technologies.

This approach is relatively new and has been touched upon by few academic contributions in the past. Thus, the aim of the text is not to promote a claim that sketching with animation is an inherently new phenomenon. Instead, the aim is to present a range of analytical arguments and experimental results that indicate the need for a systematic approach to realising the potential of animation within design sketching. This will establish the foundation for what we label animation-based sketching.

This book is divided into three parts. Part one begins by defining the foundational concepts needed to understand the animation-based sketching of interactive digital systems. We review the state of the art in design sketching, in studies of emerging technologies, and in the field of animation, as well as their potential fit with design sketching. Part two build the argument for definining animationbased sketching as a broad toolagnostic approach that uses animation to portray fictional realities but with the aim of realising them as facts. The third part finally turns to the practical side of animation-based sketching. This section draws on examples from praxis and small constructed experiments designed to showcase specifics techniques as well as the design knowledge we might extract from using animation in design sketching. Finally, we seek to assess the role of animation-based sketching as a tool that can inform decisions early on in the design process before more costly resources have to be devoted to development or implementation.


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Sketching with animation