Mixed segmentation (OA E-book)

Open Access E-book
Authors: Allan Grutt Hansen, Anders Bonde
and Morten Aagaard
Pages: 61
Released: 2017
Edition: 1. edition
ISBN: 978-87-7112-656-3
ISSN: 2245-3180

This book is about using recent developments in the fields of data analytics and data visualization to frame new ways of identifying target groups in media communication. Based on a mixed-methods approach, the authors combine psychophysiological monitoring (galvanic skin response) with textual content analysis and audience segmentation in a single-source perspective. The aim is to explain and understand target groups in relation to, on the one hand, emotional response to commercials or other forms of audio-visual communication and, on the other hand, living preferences and personality traits. Innovatively, the research process is documented via an interactive data-visualization tool by which readers and fellow peers can access and, by using various filtering options, further analyze the results and, ultimately, reformulate the problem field.

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This book is a part of the series E-bøger fra Center for Interaktive Digitale Medier / InDiMedia


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Mixed segmentation (OA E-book)