Development of self in culture

Authors: Kristine Jensen de López og Tia G. B. Hansen
Pages: 224
Released: 2011
Version: 1. udgave
ISBN: 978-87-7112-009-7

Human beings are inherently cultural beings – growing up in an environment that is steeped in culture and developing our self-construal accordingly. The new psychology book series: Self in culture in mind (SICIM) gathers current research perspectives on this issue.This first volume, Development of self in culture, sets the stage by examining the unfolding of self from a broad range of developmental perspectives. Each chapter suggests a specific theoretical approach and provides original research within it.
Together they document culturally mediated development at different stages of life and in different cultural settings, while concurrently illustrating the diversity of empirical methods that are appropriate for studying culture-mind-mediation.


This book is a part of the series  Self in cuture in mind (SICIM)


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Development of self in culture
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