Designerly Entrepreneurship

Authors: Christian Tollestrup and Linda Nhu Laursen
Pages: 154
Released:   2022
Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 978-87-7210-759-2
ISBN: 2794-2708


This book pushes designers to accelerate actions, get real skin in the game and let customers evaluate with their wallets to drive fast, focused, and valid product development.

The challenge presented in the book requires an equal balance and integration of the designerly and entrepreneurial aspects. When partaking this challenge, we promise you beyond the design task will have real skin in every other aspect of the game. You will:

• Feel 100% ownership for the business, by becoming the investor and business owner.

• Experience all production considerations and issues, by becoming the producer.

• Consider the ‘real’ market fit and user need, by becoming the marketing and salesperson.

This book pushes designers to design for the real-world, with a 100% ownership and full consideration of the design, the business and the production aspects from the start and throughout the entire process.


This book is part of the series Designerly


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Designerly Entrepreneurship