Unlock your Personalization

Author: Ramjee Prasad
Pages: 84
Released: 2012
Edition: 1. edition, 1. impression
- popular science (formidlingsudgivelse)
ISBN: 978-87-7112-028-8

Unlock Your Personalization is based on a unique and novel technique, C5, which can improve your quality of life. C5 offers five basic key parameters for strengthening your body and mind: “Concentration”, “Calmness”, “Confidence”, “Contentment” and “Creativity”, to which the book gives a detailed introduction. The book presents life’s five stages, namely “Innocence”, “Intelligence”, “Innovativeness”, “Involvement”, and “Infinity”.
Life is short, and its limits are given. Living should bring happiness and pleasure, but most people have to cope with enormous problems stemming from heavy workloads, stress and anxiety. In our post-modern, technoscience world, every effort is being made to achieve a high standard of living. Still, few people find an effective solution for relieving  stress and achieving their objectives in life. This book promotes an innovative and novel approach to achieving a good quality of life through unlocking your personalization.
The C5 concept looks on creativity as the foundation on which to build a successful life with no stress or tension, allowing you to enjoy nights of deep, peaceful sleep. This is what a good quality of life is really all about. Practicing C5 is the simplest way toward steering and controlling your mind in order to unlock your hidden mental potential. The C5 method has been very successful in helping many people, most recently Leo, who is the scientific director of a university institute in the Netherlands, and Inga, a retired teacher from Denmark. Both have practiced the C5 concept in their daily lives and they have found that life can indeed be free of stress and tension and that they can enjoy nights of good sleep. The book gives an insight into how Leo and Inga feel about C5 and their views on its value for human life.
The book also describes plans for disseminating the C5 concept even further afield. A mind and body center to educate and train people will be launched for the benefit of humankind. The vision, on which the center’s activities will be driven, will be to serve society by stimulating the growth of Quality of Life.


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Unlock your Personalization