Tools for sustainable development

Editors: L.Kørnøv, M.Thrane, A.Remmen & H.Lund
Pages: 754
Released: 2007
Edition: 1. edition
ISBN: 978-87-7307-797-9

        "Environmental management and regulation generate
         conflicts between different stakeholders and interests."

The global characteristics of environmental problems such as climate change and the need for more sustainable patterns of production and consumption, calls for new tools within the field of Environmental and Energy Planning and Management. TOOLS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT introduces a comprehensive spectrum of tools, which are highly relevant for students, researchers and professionals engaged in environmental issues in companies, governmental institutions, NGOs etc. This book provides students and professionals with an overview of tools for sustain- able development, as well as guidance on how to assess impacts of products, product chains, projects, plans, programmes and policies. Discussions of the strengths and weaknesses of the different tools are highlighted, and the book gives an understanding of the contexts where the specific methods, tools and concepts are used in practice. Throughout the volume, examples are given on practical application.


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Tools for sustainable development
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