Interdisciplinary competencies in the study program of Techno-Anthropology (E-book)

Open Access E-book
Authors: Petko Karadechev, Lone Stub Petersen and Tom Børsen
Pages: 168
Released:   2021
Edition: 1st Open Access edition
ISBN: 978-87-7210-773-8
ISSN: 2245-7569


There are inherent challenges in heterogeneous inter- and transdisciplinary problem-based learning (PBL). By drawing on experiences from the Techno-Anthropology study program, the authors illustrate some of them – e.g., educational process with students from diverse disciplinary and professional backgrounds, as well as teaching from different physical and academic localities.

This book proposes transdisciplinary threshold concepts as a theoretical framework, which can guide educational change and successfully manage such heterogeneity. It illustrates how a User Innovation Management workshop format can be used to involve teachers, supervisors, and students in the development of inter- and transdisciplinary PBL.

Additionally, this book uses the four transdisciplinary threshold concepts – liminality, scaffolding, pedagogical content knowledge, and pedagogical stance – as inspiration for thirteen specific types of activities of student, supervisor, and teacher engagement implemented in the Techno-Anthropology program. These examples are meant to be used by all three parties as they continuously engage with the many peculiarities of inter- and transdisciplinary problem-based learning.


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Interdisciplinary competencies in the study program of Techno-Anthropology (E-book)