Faculty Development in Nordic Engineering Education

Author: Anette Kolmos, Ole Vinther, Pernille Andersson, Lauri Malmi, Margrete Fuglem (eds.)
Pages: 178
Released: 2004
Edition: 1. edition
ISBN: 87-7307-727-5


This book answers questions such as:

How can the quality of engineering education be improved?

Which role is faculty development playing in the development of Engineering Education?

Which kind of faculty development strategies have been developed?

How should faculty development be organised?

Are we going to have a Nordic standard for pedagogical training of staff at Engineering Education?

These and many other questions were discussed at the first Nordic (symposium) conference on faculty development, initiated by the Pedagogical Network for Danish Engineering Education (IPN) and Aalborg University. This book is a result of the conference and aims at teachers, leaders and staff development consultants who are involved in development of engineering education.


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Faculty Development in Nordic Engineering Education