Student Diversity in a Problem-Based Learning Setting

Open Access E-book
Authors: Julie Borup Jensen, Mie Engen, Ole Ravn, Mia Arp Fallov, 
Rune Hagel Skaarup Jensen
Pages: 29
Released: 2020
Edition: 1. edition, OA
ISSN: 978-87-7210-705-9
ISBN: 2597-0119

This booklet presents theoretical perspectives that may help educators un­der­stand how student diversity can be both a driver and a barrier for learning in PBL-based settings in higher education. It also provides recommendations and pedagogical tools on how to  develop PBL as a framework in teaching and supervision in order to raise learning potential in diverse student groups. 

The findings are from a research project, which took place at Aalborg University in 2016-2017, and illustrate how student diversity may poses a challenge to edu­ca­tors, when it affects the learning environment in the classroom negatively, and cause frustration and confusion among the students, rather than igniting curiosity and exploration. The main claim in the booklet is that the potentials of student diversity for learning can be realised if students develop skills in handling differences in collaborative problem identification and -solving.

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This book is part of the series Research in Higher Education Practices Series.

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Student Diversity in a Problem-Based Learning Setting