Podcasting for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Open access e-book
Author: Dorina Gnaur & Hans Hüttel
Pages: 31
Released: 2016
Version: 1. edition - Open Access
ISBN: 978-87-7112-601-3
ISSN: 2446-1881


This booklet gives an introduction to podcasting in teaching in higher education, to its underpinnings in research and to the practical issues associated with the use of podcasting in this setting. We first present what has been reported about the pedagogical benefits of integrating podcasts in teaching and outline some of the underpinning educational theory. Next, we focus on practical matters, including the implications and challenges with producing podcasts in terms of academic efficiency as compared to lectures. There is a wide variety of technological solutions available, and we will introduce some of these tools and discuss their use and usefulness.

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This book is a part of the series Higher Education Practices Series


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Podcasting for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education