PBL, Social Progress and Sustainability

Open access e-book

Aida Guerra, Fernando José Rodriguez, Anette Kolmos, Ismael Peña Reyes

Pages: 610
Released: 2017
Edition: Open access, 1. edition
ISBN: 978-87-7112-637-2
ISSN: 2446-3833


The IRSPBL has collected 53 contributions from 19 different countries, all compiled in this book. The contributions cover a number of relevant PBL topics such as assessment, learning outcomes, students’ engagement, management of change, curriculum and course design, PBL models, PBL application, ICT, professional development. This book represents some of the newest results from research on PBL in these different areas.


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This book is a part of the series International Research Symposium on PBL


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PBL, Social Progress and Sustainability