Faith in the system? Religion in the (Danish) asylum system

Open Access E-book
Editors: Marie Juul Petersen and Steffen Jensen
Pages: 128
Released: 2019
Edition: 1. Edition
ISBN: 978-87-7210-271-9

What is – or should be – the role of religion in the asylum system? Among Danish politicians, asylum authorities, and in the general public, this is a question that has most often been raised in relation to accusations of religiously motivated discrimination of Christian converts, ‘fake’ conversions, aggressive proselytization by outside religious groups, and radicalisation among Muslim asylum seekers. In all these cases, different as they are, religion is cast as something potentially suspicious and problematic; something to be controlled, managed and even eliminated. Religion is a source of conflict and violence, a tool for manipulation and self-gain. But the role of religion, in the asylum system and for the asylum seekers, is much more complex and multifaceted than these debates have us believe. It is this complex world of religion that the book seeks to explore. Through a wide variety of contributions – mainly from and on Denmark but tied up to wider global debates – the volume transcends dichotomies of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ religion, exploring narratives of conversion, religious sentiments in asylum centres as a source of hope and despair, and the complex legal negotiations around the granting of asylum in which religion plays an important part.

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Faith in the system? Religion in the (Danish) asylum system