Our Demographic Future - a Challenge

Editors: Lisbeth B. Knudsen and Annemette Lindhardt Olsen
Pages: 392
Released: 2010
Version: 1. edition
ISBN: 978-87-7307-989-8

This book presents selected papers from the 15th Nordic Demographic Symposium, which took place at Aalborg University in April 2005. The symposium was organized by the Danish Demographic Society on behalf of the Nordic Demographic Society and gathered 125 participants to discuss a great number of demographic aspects of the future population behavior and patterns. Two plenary lectures constitutes the first part of the book and present facts and considerations about the ageing and the relation between generations in contemporary societies in a thought provoking way. The subsequent section of the book deals with various aspects of fertility and parenthood, and, further, the influence of the working life, unemployment, psycho-social conditions and contemporary possibilities for leave and how this is used by different populations groups, e.g., immigrants. The last parts of the book present methodological considerations and discussions regarding data and methods, a historical view on households and a discussion on the actual population growth in Middle Eastern and North African countries.


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Our Demographic Future - a Challenge
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