Culture and Identity in Organisations



Editor: Lise-Lotte Holmgreen
Pages: 225
Released: 2012
Edition: 1. edition
ISBN: 978-87-7112-043-1

Culture is an all-pervasive concept and phenomenon that exerts influence on our social lives in many different ways, not least in business and working life. Taking a discursive – and practice-related - approach to culture and intercultural collaboration, this book offers insight into a number of situations and incidents from the world of business and public organisations in which ways of talking about culture play a salient role in the development of collaboration and the shaping of identities and social roles. Thus, through the highlighting and discussion of cases from various professional contexts, the book aims at providing an understanding of the mechanisms at play when we meet, talk and work with people from other cultures, while suggesting how opportunities may be seized and challenges met.

The book is comprised of ten case studies, which provide theoretical, methodological, and practical perspectives on the interplay between discourse, culture and collaboration, and the effect of this on identity formation and the construction of social roles. This involves the presentation and discussion of these concepts in various organisational settings such as large cross-border and multinational businesses, the public health sector, education and the European Union.

The authors are scholars from Danish universities and business schools who have contributed substantially to the development of the field through the publication and dissemination of research in international journals and with international publishers. The book is for readers(scholars, students and professionals alike) who take an interest in cultural issues and the way they are constructed in professional settings.


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Culture and Identity in Organisations
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