Proceedings - Utzon Symposium (e-book)

Authors: Michael Mullins and Adrian Carter
Pages: 144
Released: 2006
Edition: 1. edition
ISBN: 8773078913

The first international Utzon Symposion brings together international architects and academics, who have known, worked with and or written about Jørn Utzon. They present and discuss their understanding of Denmark\\'s most original and acclaimed modern architect. The symposion examines the souces of Utzon\\'s inspiration and Nordic background, considers the range of his work, built and unrealised, with particular regard to the evolution of his greatest achievement, the Sydney Opera House, and provides insight into Utzon\\'s current proposals for the futere development of the building. Furthermore, it presents appraisals of the significance of Utzon\\'s work within world architecture and presentations by architects who have been personally inspired and influenced by Jørn Utzon.

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Proceedings - Utzon Symposium (e-book)
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