Quality of School Education in Bhutan

Open access e-book

Nandu Giri and Kurt Dauer Keller

Pages: 204
Released: 2016
Version: 1. edition (online)
ISBN: 978-87-7112-596-2


This book is a product of a collaborative Bhutanese-Danish research project concerning the quality of school education in Bhutanese secondary schools. The empirical investigations that were at the center of the project took part in 2012-2014 and consisted in case study of seven selected schools, which was prepared through a small quantitative pilot study and followed up by a questionnaire with schools from most of the districts in the country. The present publication depicts the case studies and relates closely to our research report in four parts that were delivered to the funding bodies in 2015.

In the book at your hand the presentation of the case studies has been reorganized in order to make it more accessible to the international research community as well as the general public. The research project’s theoretical approach has been specified so as to emphasize the relevance of our findings and interpretations to global debate and development of school educational quality.


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Quality of School Education in Bhutan