Re‐new / IMAC 2011 Proceedings

Open access e-book
Editor: Morten Søndergaard
Pages: 64
Released: 2012
Edition: Open access, 1. edition
ISBN: 978-87-7112-037-0


  • Morten Søndergaard - (re)new configurations. Beyond the HCI/Art Challenge:
    Curating re-new 2011.
  • Debra Swack - Synthetic Biology and the Emotions (after Charles Darwin).
  • Cuartielles D., Göransson A., Olsson T., Stenslie S, Sjunnesson D.
    - TECHNOLOGICAL MASHUPS - building HiFi wearable’s
  • Winfried Ritsch - sound plates as piano interface.
  • Birgitta Cappelen & Anders-Petter Andersson – Co-created Staging –
    Situating installations.
  • Jon Bellona - Sonic Dog Tags: Expressive Algorithmic Composition from
    Parsed Department of Defense Casualty Notices. 
  • Aurélie Beys - Three-dimensional restitution of Renaissance pictorial scenes. 
  • Heidi Tikka & Teemu Korpilahti – AFFECT AND GESTURE IN MULTI-TOUCH
  • Synne Skjulstad - Fashioning Digital Arts. 
  • Karin Hansson, Love Ekenberg, Mats Danielsson, Aron Larsson,
    Johanna Gustafsson Furst, Thomas Liljenberg - Prototyping for Participatory Democracy: Fine Arts as Means for the Study of Multi-modal Communication in Public Decision Making. 
  • Yago de Quay & Ståle Skogstad - Xsens Performance: Playing Music
    by the Rules. Javier Alejandro Garavaglia & Claudia Robles Angel
    - WOODEN WORLDS - An Audiovisual Performance with Multi­media Inter­action in Real-time. 
  • Anne Ring Petersen - Narrative and Cross-Embedding in Interactive Media Art: Sally Pryor’s Postcard from Tunis 
  • Credits

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Re‐new / IMAC 2011 Proceedings