Proceedings of the 1st Virtual Control Conference VCC 2010

Open access e-book
Editors: Jakob Stoustrup, John-Josef Leth, Henrik Schiøler
Pages: 134
Released: 2010
Edition: Open access, 1. edition
ISBN: 978-87-7307-999-7


  • Reference Tracking and Profit Optimization of a Power Plant
  • Modeling and Control of an Experimental pH Neutralization Plant using Neural Networks based Approximate Predictive Control
  • Sensitivity Analysis of the LMI-based H-inf Control Problem
  • Revisited H-inf control with transients: LMI based time-invariant outputfeedback controllers
  • Robust H-inf Output Feedback Sliding Mode Control With Applications
  • Quadratic estimation of discrete-time signals using observations with multiple packet dropouts
  • Modelling of A Helicopter System
  • Robust Design of Terminal Iterative Learning Control with -synthesis Approach Applied for thermoforming oven control
  • Gain-scheduled H-inf control of a robotic manipulator with nonlinear joint friction
  • An Observer Based Scheme for Adapt to Blade Aerodynamic Parameters for Power Control of Wind Turbines
  • Critical fault detection, by measured current on electromechanical hydraulic valves
  • Unknown Input Observer Based Detection Scheme for Faults in Hydraulic Valves
  • A Simulation Based Investigation of Interactions between VVA and Idle Control for SI Engines
  • Optimal Control Design for Polynomial Nonlinear Systems using Sum of Squares Technique with Guaranteed Local Optimality
  • Switching boundary feedback stabilization for a star-shaped network of strings
  • Singular Perturbation Approach to Pulse-Width Modulated Control in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
  • Robust Formation Controller Synthesis with Di↵erent Time Delays
  • On adaptive control problems of continuous-time stochastic systems
  • Fractional Order Ultra Low-Speed Position Servo: Improved Performance via Describing Function Analysis


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Proceedings of the 1st Virtual Control Conference VCC 2010