Innovation, PBL and Competences in Engineering Education

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Editors: Wang Sunyu, Anette Kolmos, Aida Guerra
and Qiao Weifeng
Pages: 615
Released: 2018
Version: 1. open access udgave
ISBN: 978-87-7210-002-9
ISSN: 2446-3833

Today’s students will perform in a technology-based society and contribute to a global economy. Technologies, like automation, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), come with promise of transforming deeply the work places and creating new business models. In addition, the sustainability crises is threatening the future of planet earth and human society. These trends posed new challenges to engineering education and on how engineers are being educated where competencies built during academic years might have to be continuously re-built and adapted.

The 7th International Research Symposium on PBL (IRSPBL’ 2018) theme is Innovation, PBL and competences in Engineering Education and the main goal is to is to reflect on how PBL can educate future generations with competences and skills needed to address the trends and challenges posed to higher education, especially to engineering education

The IRSPBL has collected 59 contributions from 23 different countries, all compiled in this book. The contributions cover a number of relevant PBL topics such as employability, entrepreneurship, innovation education, sustainability, assessment, learning outcomes, students’ engagement, management of change, curriculum and course design, PBL models, PBL application, ICT, and professional development. This book represents some of the newest results from research on PBL in these different areas and provides examples of best practices from around the world.

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This book is a part of the series International Research Symposium on PBL


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Innovation, PBL and Competences in Engineering Education