Re-imagining teaching in online environments

Authors: Andrew Cass and Susanne Dau
Pages: 48
Released: 2019
Edition: 1. edition, OA
ISBN: 978-87-7210-272-6
ISSN: 2597-0119

The latest instalment of the Higher Education Practices Series developed by the Higher Education Research Unit in the Department for Learning and Philosophy at Aalborg University. This book continues the tradition of producing timely syntheses of research on higher education topics of international importance. This booklet delves into research findings specifically on the topics of Rich Environments for Active Learning as a scaffold for e-learning, blended learning and flipped classroom approaches. It includes key theoretical models that help to unpack the complexities of teaching online. In also provides a useful planning tool for teachers looking to develop their practice in blended, flipped and online teaching.

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This book is part of the series Research in Higher Education Practices Series.

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Re-imagining teaching in online environments