International Research Symposium on PBL

In 2008, the UNESCO chair for PBL and Engineering Education (now established as Aalborg Centre for PBL in Engineering Science and Sustainability under the auspices of UNESCO) organised the first International Research Symposium in PBL (IRSPBL) with aim to create a community of researchers within PBL and engineering education, promote collaboration between PBL research communities and initiate new research projects. The first IRSPBL was held at Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark.
After 2008, IRSPBL has been organised every two years in collaboration with international partners. Internal and international committees also support IRSPBL contributing to its research quality and relevance.

The International Research Symposium on PBL (IRSPBL) has been one of the meeting places, which gathers researchers, practitioners and industrial partners from all over the world contributing to the PBL landscape.
The IRSPBL contributions cover a number of relevant PBL topics such as assessment, learning outcomes, students’ engagement, management of change, curriculum and course design, PBL models, PBL application, ICT, professional development. This book represents some of the newest results from research on PBL in these different areas. 

The IRSPBL is part of Aalborg Centre strategy and vision which main goal of facilitating universities, and other higher education institutions, to take an active role in educating engineers and scientists so they can participate and contribute to the development of sustainable solutions to the present and emerging social, economic and environmental challenges.

Series editors: Aida Guerra, Fernando José Rodriguez, Anette Kolmos and Ismael Peña Reyes.

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